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Modern horticulture means intelligent automation, effective solutions and tailor-made procedures to enable your business to be at the forefront.

In the following, we show you examples of the work steps that we competently accompany. This is certainly only an excerpt of the entire portfolio, so it only serves to give you an impression.

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Peat preparation

The Logitec DB40 crushes compressed peat bales and loosens the substrate with irrigation if required. The hopper measures the fill level via a laser distance sensor and then refills as needed as soon as the supply in the following machine is exhausted.
(Manufacturer: Logitec Plus B.V.; Product: » Logitec DB40)

Soil mixers are often used to moisten the soil or to mix in fertiliser. Sometimes two soils are mixed together. The mixer is excellent for moistening peat in a short time and can be ideally used between two machines. (For example: bale shredder, 3M-2B, potting machine).
(Manufacturer: Demaitere bvba; Product: » Demtec 3M-2B)

Peat preparation

Plate filler

These are used to fill trays. With plate fillers it is important that all cells (whether small or large) are filled evenly and all the way down to the top.

Using vibration and brushes, the cells are filled from the top and come out clean and even.

Manufacturer: DaRos
Product: » RC-7

Plate filler

Sowing and pricking out

Depending on the crop, the next step is sowing, planting or pricking out. When sowing smaller seeds, you can use the LR650 drum seeder. With the seeder, the seed is sucked in via vacuum and then precisely placed in each cell.

Manufacturer: DaRos
Product: » DaRos LR650

For pricking out, we can tailor a pricking out line for almost any situation - automated or manual.

With a manual solution, we take into account the ergonomics at the workplace for the employees.

Manual: Manufacturer: » Willburg Projecten B.V.
Automatic: Manufacturer: TTA; Product: » TTA MidiFlat


Here, pots are first separated from a stack and placed in the machine. Then the pots are filled with soil and, if necessary, given depot fertiliser. Then it is wiped clean above and provided with one or more holes in which the young plants find space. From there, the actual planting process is started.

This is done either manually on the machine, or on the conveyor belt, or automatically on the turntable or conveyor belt.


Capacity: 1000-7500 pots per hour:
Manufacturer 1: Demaitre bvba; Product 1: » Demtec EVO²
Manufacturer 2: Martin Stolze B.V.; Product 2: » Stolze TM3030

Capacity: 1000-12000 pots per hour depending on configuration:
Manufacturer: Kern&Drive GmbH; Product: » Matrix Topfmaschine


The pots are then labelled with adhesive labels as required and transported to their destination via conveyor belts (mobile or fixed). Here, a photocell recognises the pot and then transfers a label to each pot.

Conveyor belts:
Manufacturer: Martin Stolze B.V.; Product: » Easymax Förderbänder

Manufacturer: Willburg Projecten B.V.; Product: » Sticker Machines



In operations with mobile tables, a placement robot automatically places the pots on the mobile tables. An alternative is the buffer table. Here the pots are collected and pushed together so that a forklift can pick up the pots depending on the bed width and then place them in the bed.

Manufacturer: Demaitre bvba; Product: » Demtec Absetzer

Buffer table
Manufacturer: Willburg Projecten B.V.; Product: » Pufferband

Transport / Puffertische

When the crops are placed on the mobile tables or on the ground, it is useful to create space between the pots for the growth of the plants.

Retrieval table:
Manufacturer: Willburg Projecten B.V.; Product: Afpeller

Return fork:
Manufacturer: Martin Stolze B.V.; Product: » Kettengabel

Manufacturer: Demaitre bvba; Product: » Demtec Aufnehmer



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